Friday, October 19, 2012

Bryan Nye explains the role of rail in society today

With only 5 weeks to go before AusRAIL commences, we manage to catch up with Bryan Nye, CEO of the Australasian Railway Association, as he explains the AusRAIL 2012 theme, Rail's Role in Society, and what to expect at the rail industry's flagship event this year.


1. (0:05) AusRAIL is being held this year in Canberra for the first time in 2012, how can being in Australia's political heartland enhance the dialogue between the industry and government?

2. (0:26) The theme for the program this year is 'Rail's role in society' -- how has the role of rail evolved in recent years and how do you see it evolving over say the next 20 years in Australia?

3. (1:04) Awareness of rail and its benefits is spreading, but competition for infrastructure funding with road is a challenge, with road investment often seen as politically more favourable. How can rail increase its importance in the lives of our population and become the mode of transport to lead us into the future?

4. (1:40) Increasing productivity, and doing more with what we have are major challenges across Australia, how is the rail industry working to improve efficiency and deliver productivity gains for society?

5. (2:41) Finally, AusRAIL is nearly with us again, what can we expect from the event this year and what do you hope the key outcomes will be?