Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Picking the brains of Optus' Paulo Froes


We had the opportunity to pick the brains of Paulo Froes, Director Transformation & Customer Experience - Corporate at Optus at AusRAIL PLUS 2011

We asked:
1. Paulo, this is your first experience of AusRAIL, how have you found the event so far?

2. One of the core themes of the event this year is Customer Relations, and you will be addressing the conference on this issue, what is your main message to the rail industry on how to better identify and provide for the needs of its customers?

3. Your role at Optus is a relatively new one, why have they taken the step of creating a role that focuses specifically on the customer experience?

4. Innovation is the other theme for AusRAIL this year, it is often seen as crucial to the future of a business, but a well-placed customer focused strategy can be just as effective at driving a business forward, what do you see as the main benefits to a business of adopting a customer centric approach?

5. Finally Paulo, if you were to give the rail industry one key message to take away from your input to the event, what would it be? 


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