Thursday, December 1, 2011

How do you dry 300 umbrellas?

It was forecasted to rain on the few days that AusRAIL PLUS 2011 was on. However, the weather gods were kind to us 2.5 days out of the 3 full AusRAIL days. Alas, towards the end of the AusRAIL Gala Dinner, it started to pour when everyone was leaving.

But not to fear - as a genius on Team AusRAIL had a great idea to hire umbrellas if we needed to.

And lo and behold, 300 umbrellas were provided to shield our dinner guests to the train station and to the cab stand!

A few photos taken during the rain...

And... the answer to the question...

(photos courtesy of Hire An Umbrella)

Well done Team AusRAIL and thank you very much Hire An Umbrella!