Monday, September 14, 2009

Siemens powering Goonyella coal exports

Siemens recently completed electrification works for Queensland Rail’s (QR) Jilalan Rail Yard infrastructure upgrades in the second of two major applications of Siemens world-leading mobility solutions for this project.

The power systems works have been achieved on time and within budget, with Siemens installing six 8DA11 Gas Insulated Switchgear Panels to provide additional traction power capacity to the rail yard. The Siemens switchgear is maintenance-free, employs the smallest footprint for rail-approved GIS equipment and is proven, with over 1,000 panels installed globally since entering the market in 1996. The electrification works and delivery of Siemens points machines, to be installed and commissioned by QR shortly, will significantly improve productivity on the Goonyella Rail System.

QR is making a significant investment in the Jilalan Rail Yard to improve productivity on the Goonyella Rail System, including upgrade works to the tracks, signalling systems, overhead power and telecommunications systems. Collaborating with Siemens for signalling and power systems works will enable QR, once all works are completed, to increase throughput peak capacity of the system from 29 to 42 trains per day, a large portion of which are hauled by locomotives either manufactured or refurbished by Siemens.

Mr Michael Carter, Executive General Manager, QR Network said the timely completion of Siemens power systems works is welcome news for the rail system.

“The long-term outlook for coal demand continues to be strong. The Jilalan Rail Yard project is being undertaken to increase the capacity of the Goonyella Rail Systems to deliver our customers’ coal from Central Queensland mines to the coal terminals at Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay.

“The finalisation of traction power supply to the rail yard will mean that we are now closer to the project’s completion.

Mr Paul Bennett, Siemens Vice President, Mobility, said the completion of electrification works on the Jilalan Rail Yard reinforced Siemens position as a trusted partner for the rail industry.

“Our electrification portfolio is a growing focus for Siemens and our success so far has been underpinned by our global expertise and local knowledge and experience in traction power supply systems.

“The switchgear supplied to QR has been specifically designed and manufactured to relevant Australian and International Standards. Supported by extensive type testing on a global level, our switchgear are amongst the safest available.”

The Jilalan Rail Yard Upgrade is due for completion in late 2009 and has an overall budget of around $500 million.

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