Tuesday, May 19, 2009

KDR submits tender for Melbourne’s Metropolitan Train Network Franchise

The Keolis Downer EDI Rail joint venture, KDR, today submitted its tender for the Melbourne Metropolitan Train Network Franchise.

Mr Geoff Knox, Managing Director and CEO of Downer EDI Limited, said “KDR combines world’s best operational, design, manufacture and maintenance expertise with over 150 years of hands-on experience delivering train services throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, North America and the United Kingdom, including rail and road infrastructure and rolling stock maintenance throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland”.

Also drawing on the broad expertise and financial strength of their respective parent companies, SNCF and Downer EDI, KDR’s shareholders are considered world leaders in the areas of safety, innovation, reliability and customer service. Collectively they manage major transport franchises and significant rail and other transport maintenance contracts and infrastructure projects throughout Australia, United Kingdom, Asia, Europe and North America, including the highly acclaimed European TGV high speed train. Additionally, Downer EDI provides the design, delivery and project management of major transport-related infrastructure in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

Mr Michel Bleitrach, Chief Executive Officer of Keolis, said “KDR’s collective expertise is underpinned by the extensive knowledge of the KDR leadership team and a thorough understanding of the future transport opportunities available to Melbourne. KDR is fully committed to delivering world-class transport solutions to Melbourne and would welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Victorian Government in delivering its strategic transport objectives for the future.”

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