Friday, March 20, 2009

VFLC makes the case for helping rail compete

The Victorian Freight and Logistics Council (VFLC) is taking up the cudgels for the state's rail industry by preparing an advocacy paper highlighting recent and future improvements.
The council says Victorian and Federal Government infrastructure commitments worth $1.2bn since May 2007 have been accompanied by private sector investment in rail equipment and facilities specifically to provide a choice to use rail as a transport option.

“A renaissance is taking place in this mode, slowly but surely, to deliver responsive, efficient service and customer choice,” chief executive Rose Elphick said.

“This progress should be applauded and freight customers and the Victorian community need to understand the effort being put into repairing decades of under-investment in our rail network.”

The paper will detail:

• Recent public and private sector investment in rail infrastructure, facilities, systems and equipment;

• How and why rail works for customers (actual case studies);

• The changing culture and technology of rail supply;

• How rail performs in terms of energy and greenhouse emissions;

• How customers perceive rail can improve, based on their real experience;

• How rail and road complement each other.

“We recognise that there is a journey ahead to establish rail's contestable market share,” Ms Elphick said.

“However, good progress has been made and we anticipate that customers, freight forwarders and transport suppliers will consider the benefits of a multi-modal approach.”

Sampraz Ltd consultant Ray Fehlberg will collate case studies across Victoria until the end of May, talking to rail suppliers, logistics managers and government agencies to document the rail renaissance.

Anyone wanting to contribute should contact Mr Fehlberg on 0429 961 383, or VFLC project officer Andrew Baiden, on 03 8688 1831 or email

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