Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Chairman's Award - Ken Kwong

Photo courtesy of Rail Gallery

Associate Professor Ken Kwong is the 2009 winner of the IRSE Australasia Chairman's Award. The award was presented at the AusRail Plus 2009 Gala Dinner.

The IRSE Australasia Chairman, John Aitken, said:

Of the best leaders;
when their task is accomplished, their work is done;
the people all remark: “we have done it ourselves”.

Lao-Tzu BC 600

"It was Rockhampton, July 2005. The launch of the Postgraduate Diploma in Railway Signalling. The culmination of several years of discussion and development in the first Rail CRC.

"Some very driven members of the IRSE had met with a person from Central Queensland University who was to become one of the most influential people in the railway industry in this country. And one of the least known. A leader who sees success when the people all remark 'we have done it ourselves'.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Associate Professsor Ken Kwong is that leader. A dedicated academic and teacher: one who goes the extra mile in every area. A person who really cares about teaching and about learning.

"Associate Professor Ken Kwong has worked in the electronics and control industry and has moved from that practical base to teaching and leadership roles in universities. Ken has lectured extensively and has led the development and delivery of RailCRC postgraduate courses.

"Through Ken's influence I became the principal author of the communications course (CPD7). It was only through that experience that I came to understand Ken’s dedication and the magnitude of his contribution.

"Encouragement. Mentoring. Discipline. Enthusiasm.

"In this room tonight there are graduates who have been encouraged, nagged, inspired and enlightened by Ken. There are current students in the course who have not yet realised quite what is happening to them. Twenty years from now we will see the full fruits of his labour.

"The postgraduate diplomas and degrees from Central Queensland University stem from Ken’s unstinting work and sustained enthusiasm. Certainly many other people have been involved but they have been lead by this invisible leader, even when they thought they were leading themselves.

"Tonight let us honour and thank Associate Professor Ken Kwong for his contribution to the railway industry in Australia."


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